Lee Underwood

Manager, EI&C Design & Drafting

Lee brings more than 25 years of experience as an IC&E Designer. His experience includes coal and gas generation in the power industry, process and petrochemical facilities, pneumatic, hydraulic, as well as production equipment and facilities. Lee is one of Kahuna’s lead electrical and mechanical CAD designers and is familiar with testing and evaluating a variety of devices which include hydraulics, pneumatics, valves and pressure sensors. Lee has working knowledge of electrical raceway design for power and process facilities, DCS and control cabinet layout and wiring design. Additionally, Lee develops, tests, debugs and implements production control systems. Prior to Kahuna, Lee worked on the United States Antarctic Program, a governmental ecological research program that studies the Antarctic and its interactions with the rest of the planet. The research was focused on developing measures to ensure equitable and wise use of resources.