Jeff Citrone, CIH, CSP, PG

Manager, Health & Safety Compliance

Jeff has over 35 years of experience in industrial health, safety and environmental compliance working for and consulting to various industries and facilities. Jeff has gained technical expertise in regulatory compliance and has successfully worked with various state and federal regulatory agencies including in California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida, New Mexico and Utah. 

He has participated in the preparation, auditing, updating and maintenance of OSHA required Process Safety Management (PSM) Plans. He has completed total facility PSM audits at gas processing plants, refineries and liquid natural gas production and distribution facilities. He has aided in preparing protocols for internal auditing at gas processing plants, refineries, petroleum terminals and pipeline facilities. Jeff has conducted Process Hazard Analysis preparation and updates in accordance with the OSHA requirements.

Jeff has prepared, implemented and managed OSHA required plans and programs, EPA-required Risk Management Programs and USDOT required pipeline safety plans and programs. Additionally, he has prepared, implemented and conducted health and safety training procedures in order to comply with federal, state and local health and safety regulations. This includes regulations that are required during normal business operations and those that become effective in emergency situations. 

Jeff has conducted various environmental, health and safety audits involving facilities including manufacturing facilities, oil refineries, gas production plants, major office complexes, and airport hangar and repair facilities. He has identified, developed and delivered customized risk control strategies for a variety of clients. Strategies include: auditing facility operations and procedures to identify existing potential exposures to losses, both business and regulatory losses; analyzing loss trends to develop appropriate and effective risk control measures; implementing programs to effect needed safety cultural changes; and aiding in preparing and presenting required training sessions.

Jeff has observed and sampled work processes and conditions in order to identify potential exposures to occupational hazards, evaluated exposures and developed plans and procedures to minimize exposures. 

Prior to joining Kahuna, Jeff was the Manager of Health and Safety at Bill Barrett Corporation, a Denver-based oil & gas Exploration and production companywith extensive operations in the Rocky Mountain Region.