James Fleak, P.E.

Director, Regulatory Compliance

James has 32 years of experience with diversified energy companies involved in air permitting and pipeline regulatory compliance for natural gas gathering, E&P, gas processing, gas transmission and storage, electric utility distribution, power generation and energy management/conservation, 24 years of which are in the environmental sector. James has gained technical expertise in environmental compliance and continually demonstrates his ability to work with various state and federal regulatory agencies including in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Colorado, Texas , Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. He has worked as Director of EHS, a Project Manager, Design Coordinator and Environmental Consultant to other industries, including chemical production, automobile production, textile manufacturing and military complexes.

James joined Kahuna Ventures in October 2008 after working for Dominion Resources where he managed regulatory compliance for various natural gas processing, treating and gas gathering projects, as well as gas-fired simple cycle and combined cycle power plants. James has designed and managed environmental compliance for all types of energy sites during the planning, construction and operating phases. In addition, James has coordinated with external safety specialists for safety programs as well as managing Kahuna’s Health and Safety Department. James has performed technical and project management duties for plant siting and construction, permitting and compliance for multiple companies.

James provides cost effective and creative regulatory options allowing companies to maintain regulatory compliance while providing the greatest operational flexibility to meet future demands. James has coordinated with operations and corporate staff groups for multi-sector environmental compliance activities at combustion turbine and combined cycle power plants located in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. James started his career as a service planner and power distribution engineer, an energy management consultant and Key Account Project Manager for commercial and industrial electric utility customers. James managed electrical project upgrades and grassroots facilities coordinating with the customer and contractors to provide electrical service.