Land Development Applications


Fly-through of a ground-based scan of a mountain town.

Laser Scanning is an efficient and cost-effective method of gathering existing conditions. With a range of up to 900’ and precision as tight as 1/8th of an inch at 50 feet, Kahuna is able to safely gather the data that you require and integrate the scans into your project. Laser scanning allows Kahuna to rapidly gather existing conditions at a much tighter tolerance than conventional GPS or aerial scanning. We can generate cut-and-fill models with a high level of accuracy while aerial scans can be off up to 2 feet in elevation, ours is accurate to 1/8th of an inch at 50 feet.

Digital Terrain Modeling

  • Commercial Land Development
  • Residential Land Development
  • Recreation Development
  • Industrial Development
  • Environmental Compliance

Scanning Applications

  • Scan for storm water design.
  • Scan for land development topography.
  • Scan for high accuracy of benchmark tie-ins.
  • Scan for cut-and-fill analysis and volume calculations.
  • Scan for cost estimating.
  • Scan for construction validation.
  • Scan for environmental concerns.

By using point cloud data, you can visually inspect existing conditions in a 3D environment (feasibility studies). Plus, laser scanning is priced comparably to a conventional survey, but gathers far more of the site information. With the conventional approach, a surveyor is only able to survey with 1/10th of a foot precision and only gather the data that was requested potentially missing important data. At Kahuna, tree canopies are not an issue with land-based laser scanning. We are also able to scan the existing grounds with buildings, trees and waterways to allow for a full picture of the site, not just the property limits.

Scan data can be very large and difficult to work with. Kahuna has processes in place to provide you the information that you need in a usable and workable file size. Manipulating point cloud data is difficult and rapidly becoming its own specialized industry, Kahuna has on-staff programmers to optimize our production and better suit your needs. Kahuna primarily uses AutoCAD, but can support a myriad of different formats. Kahuna can work with point cloud data in either Leica Cyclone Format (.imp, .pts, .ptx, .ptg) or Autodesk Recap (.rcp, .rcs).